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    About AL Khalaf Intl:

Aki Company W.L.L is one of the largest companies in the middle East opening family Entertainment Centers and providing the industry with required machines.

In addition to that, AKI is providing Food Services to Hyper markets, Convenience stores, Mass merchants and Chain Restaurants. Also Opening Wide Range of Vending Machines.
The Company serves the Governments in many Countries through Financial Arrangements with PPP System


Started with 2 Gumball Machines with a Capital of $ 1325, Half of this amount was a lone from my brother, that was in 1997. These two Gumball machines installed in Seef mall and the other one in AL Jazira cold store.

Today AL Khalaf International Is the leader in Entertainment industry having 7 locations all around Bahrain with over 70 staff in Bahrain Market and 5 Staff in Egypt.

AL Khalaf Intl opening Family Entertainment Centers along with numerous subsidiaries like Food services, vending machines and Financial arrangements.

Beliefs and Values

Since 1997 in Gudaibiya, Manama AKI has been Through many changes.

One aspect that has not changed is our belief and values.

One founder Tariq Khalaf, felt deeply that business should be based on honesty, integrity.

The Beliefs and values that guide our relationships with Customers, Staff and Clients.

Beliefs and Values
1. Honesty
2. Integrity


    Al Khalaf International visions can be clarified as follows for each of the activities of the organization:

    For the leisure equipment business, the company wants to be the head in leisure industry in Bahrain.

    For the food the company wants to be one of the good food suppliers in Bahrain.


    Organization values are those that will build its corporate culture in preparation for the achievement of its strategic mission and vision.,

    These core values will provide Al Khalaf’s executive management with a concentrate and specific frame work for follow-up on the organization well-being towards the achievement of its strategic objectives.

    It is core values that will make employees work as one team sharing the same values in their day-to-day relations and work performance.

    Core values chosen by Al Khalaf International, which reflect its mission and vision are the following :-

    Trust: maintain high commitment of gaining customers trust.

    Teamwork: work with one team spirit to achieve the team common objectives.

    Communication: ensure communication clarity in all exchange.

    Time response: provide quick and in-time service to customers.

    Total quality : ensure quality service excellence to customers.


    The mission of the organization describes the key business activities of the organization and what the organization aims to provide to the customers.

    This mission is the reason of the organization’s existence, a motto that provides common identity to the owners, employees, partners and customers of the organization.

    Providers of Leisure Machines And Food Retailing & Distribution Services In the Gulf Region


    Objectives are the end results towards the achievement of organizational goals in order to realize the vision.

    Al Khalaf’s objectives can be categorized into:-

    Leading objectives that will drive the company towards the accomplishment of its mission.

    Enabling objectives that will support the support realization of its leading objectives.

    Al Khalaf’s objectives can be categorized in the following perspectives:

    CUSTOMERS:- service quality and loyalty.

    ◉ Increase market share and customer base.
    ◉ Improve supplier’s relationship policy.
    ◉ Enhance customer quality service and satisfaction.

    FINANCE:- financial profitability and stability.

    ◉ Increase financial profitability and return.
    ◉ Maintain cash-flow recovery stability.
    ◉ Improve financial control and reporting capabilities.

    PROCESS: work process and system efficiency.

    ◉ Improve vending machines use and reliability
    ◉ Improve machine quality and steadily.
    ◉ Ensure availability of stuffiest stock and storage.

    HUMAN RESOURCES: talent utilization and recognition.

    ◉ Improve talent utilization.
    ◉ Enhance employees skills.
    ◉ Evaluate employees performance.
    ◉ Reward employees performance.


1997 – The first two gumball brought from Dubai. These machines fixed in Seef Mall and Al Jazira Market – Zinj

2006 – Started to distribute Nacho chips and cheese to the supermarkets

2007 – The First branch opened in Bahrain mall with few machines

2019 – The biggest and the most diversified trampoline park in the Gulf Area.

2021 – The opened new branch at Alexandria – Egypt

2000 – The First Billiard Hall in Bahrain opened with 8 tables. It was in Isa town

2003 – It is a Malaysian franchise awarded to us in Bahrain. The concept was unique which is sweet corn in cups

2017 – We brought the first Trampoline park in Bahrain and opened in Ramli mall

2019 – A franchise have been awarded to Alkhalaf International to be master franchisor to Asia & Africa