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Smart Fox Centers are the most spreaded centers among the entertainment companies in Bahrain. These centers are located in:

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SmartFox Center at Ramli Mall in A’Ali

This is a 2000 sqm Family Entertainment Center (FEC) opened on 16 December 2013. This center have Bowling, Soft play, inflatable’s, Nursery, Party room, café, different types of games and rides as well as Virtual Reality Games (VR).


SmartFox Center at Lulu Hypermarket in Hidd

A 1000 sqm Family Entertainment Canter that operates Nursery, Bumper cars, Billiard tables, Rides and different games and other activities for young and adults.


SmartFox Center at Lulu Hypermarket in Riffa

This is a 640 sqm center. It has the biggest 3 floors soft play in Bahrain in addition to different rides and games.


SmartFox Center at Bahrain Mall

It is a 350 sqm Family Entertainment Center located in one of the most expensive areas in Bahrain, Where big malls are located. This center again have different games and rides.


SmartFox at Ramez in Riffa

A 230sqm Family Entertainment Center that operates variety of Redemption games, Kiddy Rides, Soft play and walking animals around the Mall.


SmartFox Center

SmartFox Center

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